CRA GROUP was established in 1994 as the mother name of all different  Companies.

The GROUP is managed by its owner Mr. Johann Pretorius  very well qualified and  competent in the area of business management and financial control. 

Johann studied Radio and Television and was one of the first pioneers of Television in South Africa in 1974. He become a very successful farmer in the Free State Province of South Africa since 1979. He was a well known free lance broadcaster for many years on several well known radio stations.

He become involved in Satellite radio in the late nineties when he moved to Pretoria South Africa, after 22 years as full time farmer.

During the early nineties he start studying the behavior of humans, and he wrote a program called Quanlim Life.

Since 2003 he is a full time Human and Business behavior specialist , while he also managed the GROUP and all the companies.

In 2002 he started AGRI AFRICA on the URL www.agriportal.co.za. and all other domains as Africa's First commercial webportal for Agriculture.

In 2016 the all new AGRI NEWS NET was launched.

He also established CRA MEDIA which is responsible for the marketing of AGRI AFRICA.

His business and financial  skills in the International market make him very succesfull. He is well connected in the International world.
Johann is stable, well organized, detail orientated, good negotiating skills, trustable proud of his appearance and responsible in whatever he do.

LIFE I SELECT is a program to help you to use your subconcious mind. This program was written by Johann himself.

The CRA GROUP is not a identity on its own,and not registered to do any business


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